Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What I hate about blogs

You know what I absolutely hate about most blogs? Is that most people start them just to make money off of them WTH?? It makes us that are just trying to talk to people and add humor to our day so much harder.
I just love to laugh
For instance, tonight I am watching new season premiere of Rescue Me. My fiance and I love this show. (My fiance a bit much LOL. One night last season, I took a sleeping med as I suffer from insomnia) My doc changed my sleeping med to controlled release so it didn't kick in so fast. He thought I was sleeping but I walked down in family room in basement to watch him consoling himself to Rescue me) so funny, we have been together for 6 years and you would have thought I caught a kid in a candy store. I laughed and he was embarrassed. We all stress relieve ourselves but to catch him in act was so funny to me. He still gets mad at me when I laugh about it

Honestly, we all need humor in our life

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